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For home use, it’s advisable to change your pool table cloth every 5-8 years, depending on usage. For commercial or competitive play, cloth may need replacing every 1-2 years due to heavier usage.

Absolutely! For humid environments, we suggest Simonis 860 or 860HR (High Resistance). If you prefer a faster game, Simonis 760 or 4066-Champion are great options. We’ll work with you to find the perfect fit for your play style.

A: Simonis 860 is thicker, providing a balanced speed and durability. Simonis 760 is thinner and faster, recommended for One Pocket and 9-foot tables due to its quicker playability.

A: On average, it takes about 3-4 hours to re-cover a pool table. This includes removing the old cloth, cleaning the table surface, and carefully installing the new cloth.

A: Yes, we offer professional pool table moving services. Our team disassembles, transports, and reassembles your table, ensuring it’s level and in perfect playing condition.

A: Certainly! We provide cushion replacement services using high-quality rubber cushions to restore the bounce and performance of your table.

A: Regularly brush the cloth in one direction to remove chalk and debris. Avoid spilling drinks or food on the table, and use a cover when the table is not in use to protect it from dust.

A: Absolutely! We offer table leveling services to ensure your pool table is perfectly balanced for a fair and enjoyable game.

A: If the cushions have lost their bounce or make a dull sound upon impact, it’s time to replace them. We can inspect your table and recommend the best course of action.

A: Yes, we provide custom logos and designs on pool table cloths to give your table a personalized touch. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll create a unique design just for you.

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